The Turkiz restaurant opened in 1991 and has since become famous for its fish and seafood dishes. The restaurant is located in the Sea & Sun project, in the northern section of Tel Aviv.


The magnificent view of the sea is an indispensable part of the Mediterranean experience that the restaurant offers. Turkiz puts an emphasis on the freshness of its raw materials, making sure to handle them just the right way and prepare them in the creative yet simple way that characterizes our dishes, all in the highest standards.

The special connection between the restaurant owners and local fishermen, as well as their strong appreciation of fine produce, is expressed in the menu that offers a variety of fresh saltwater fish and seafood that varies every day. For meat lovers, we also offer a selection of dishes from fine, aged meat, carefully chosen on a daily basis.
Diners watching their diet can easily find low fat dishes that are friendly for weight watchers and health food enthusiasts.
In addition, diners can enjoy a variety of first and main courses that can be ordered as half portions in order to enjoy a sharing style meal.
The restaurant has an amazing wine cabinet with about 2500 bottles offering a large selection of Israel's finest wines as well as leading brands from the entire world.
Turkiz is a favorite location for hosting special events in the private room overlooking the sea.
The Turkiz restaurant was recently renewed with a contemporary Mediterranean design and updated menu. During the day, guests can enjoy lavish breakfasts and lunches and in the evening, the restaurant takes on an amazing atmosphere that turns your dining experience into a true night out. The bar, surrounded by 30 bar seats, combines food, music and alcohol – a winning recipe for the perfect evening!

Turkiz restaurant