Crispy Grouper | Aromatic leaf’s with Asian flavor 82
    Grouper Carpaccio | Tomato seeds and Olive oil 78
    Calamari on the planch | Eggplant cream and grilled cherry tomatoes 78
    Bresaola of the Australian Wagio 82
    Fresh Artichoke | Salsa “varda” sauce Tulum cheese and pine nuts 82
    Roasted Asparagus | Lemon cream and Montagnolo cheese 74
    Zucchini Flowers Stuffed with Grouper kebab 86
    Seared Tuna on Eggplant and Cre’me Fra’che 82
    Foie Gras | French pastry and onion chutney 120
    Cauliflower With Cauliflower With Cauliflower 68


    Lettuce salad and walnut vinaigrette 68
    Chopped Salad | Chopped | Turkiz vegetable salad with tahini 52/62
    Herbs Salad | Seasonal fruit, almonds and Bouche cheese 64

    Bread Basket | 20

    Fish and Seafood

    Grilled Sea Bass on ratatouille | 180
    Baby Grouper | By weight, oven / fried NIS 50 per 100 gr
    Sea Bass | Oven / Grilled / Filet on the plancha 160
    Grouper Fillet in a Pan | Fish broth and Vegetables 210
    Grouper Shawarma | Tahini, yogurt, salad and fried onion 160
    Fish Patties | Sour stew of mangold and hummus 160
    Eggplant and Labaneh Ravioli in Lemon sauce 125
    Rigatoni with Sea Bass tears in Tomato scent 140


    Australian wagyu burger | Tatar sauce and grilled lettuce 145
    Crown Roast of Lamb | Sliced and served with lima bean masbah 230
    Beef Fillet | 250 g of grilled beef, served with vegetable collection and meat broth 205
    Entrecot / Sirloin Of Australian Wagyo NIS 80 per 100 gr

    Fish and seafood availability depend on the daily supply.


    Soft drinks 16
    Freshly squeezed orange juice/ Grapefruit juice 22
    San Pelegrino 750 ml / Perrier 750 ml / Acqua Panna 750 ml 32
    Draught / Bottled Beer 25-35

    Please note that prices do not include gratuity. We do not accept checks (cash or credit cards only please).