Served on weekdays between 12:00 – 17:00

    A choice of one first course and one main course (the price will be according to the price of the main course).
    Served with a variety of breads, Soft drinks/ One third draft beer and hot drinks.
    Can be exchange soft drinks to a glass of wine extra NIS 35 \ Glass of cava extra NIS 25
    Freshly squeezed orange juice/ grapefruit juice extra NIS 10

    First courses

    Chopped | Turkiz vegetable salad with tahini
    Herbs Salad | Seasonal fruit, almonds and Bouche cheese
    Caesar Salad | Ortiz anchovies and parmesan
    Icberg salad | stilton cheese and seasonal fruit
    Salmon Sashimi | Pickled bok choy, Sprouts and mushrooms
    Cauliflower in the oven | Amchur aioli and green salsa
    Butternut squash with walnut crust | Mustard vinaigrette and goat cheese
    Soup of the day

    Main courses

    Mussels | with white wine sauce 140
    Spicy Black Pasta | Sea fish, lamb panchetti and cilantro 140
    Classic chicken skewer | Current seasonal green vegetables 140
    Jerusalem artichoke ravioli | Mangold and white wine 140
    Fish Patties | “Marrakech Style” 150
    Seared Salmon Fillet | Current seasonal green vegetables 150
    Fisherman’s Chrayme | Traditional fish stew, hot peppers, garlic and herbs 150
    Sea Bass | Oven / Grilled / Open on the plancha 150
    Steamed Fish Fillet | Mix of greens with Asian-style sauce 150
    Sea-style Pasta | Seafood and greens 150
    Australian wagyu burger | Mushrooms and crispy egg 165
    Oxtail stew | on pasta shreds 165

    Desserts from the Daily selection extra NIS 30

    Please note prices do not include gratuity. We do not accept checks.